Public Relations

Earned Trust.
Earned Media.

As your strategic communications and marketing partner, we specialize in harnessing the power of media relations to enhance customer engagement, generate leads, and establish thought leadership.

Our focus is on solving your toughest business challenges and uncovering new opportunities for growth, all while fostering trust in your brand.

Earned Media

We tell a compelling story that gets you column inches and web content. And our network of journalists know that if we pick up the phone or make a pitch, there's a valid reason.

Brand Awareness

PR is the trojan horse of brand awareness. You think you're being educated through content and BOOM now you can't stop thinking about the brand that delivered that education.

Thought Leadership

Some call it boring. We call it street cred. It's not about talking at your audience. It's about being a part of it. Being citizens of your industry. And being leaders of all.

Marketplace Demand

It's not all about the warm and tinglies. We're all in a "for-profit" business. We tall stories that help make the business case for what you sell.

The Journalists' PR Department

We've gotten in trouble over the years. We've told clients "no" to maintain our PR integrity. Because we know that our credibility with journalists is only as good as the content we deliver. We've built trust. We've built faith. And that it rewarded with product and brand coverage for you. Because an editor or journalist knows that if our team is calling them, there is a reason. We respect their journalistic integrity. They respect that we're not feeding them garbage. It works our for all of us in the end.

Influencer Relationships

Our industry-focused approach means we have decades of experience developing relationships with key reporters and influencers in each of the industries we serve. And we mean influencers in both the traditional and new media sense — we’ve established meaningful and long-lasting brand partnerships with social media influencers in the industries we work in. Our industry specializations include manufacturing, construction, agriculture and related industries.

Coverage Optimization

Our work doesn’t stop when positive media coverage is secured — we maximize that coverage across your owned, shared and paid channels. A bylined article placement becomes a social post and the inspiration for a related blog post. An interview becomes a social media-ready clip and the basis of a speaking pitch and an e-blast. Every bit of coverage is a new opportunity to extend the story and bring “The Content Beast” to life.