Multimedia Production

Elevate Your Message

Unlock the power of storytelling with our expert multimedia team. From concept to creation, we craft narratives that captivate and inspire. Let us elevate your message with the magic of visual storytelling.

What You Can Expect

Pre-Production, Planning + Collaboration

This is the initial phase where some of the project activities include script writing, scouting locations, designing sets, creating storyboards and planning the logistics of the actual production.

Production, Direct + Capture

Actual shooting or recording takes place, capturing the footage, recording audio and bringing the plans during pre-production to life.

Post-Production, Editing + Delivery

After the footage has been captured, we edit video using visual and special effects, sound design, music composition and color correction. Post-production is where the final product is assembled and polished to be ready for distribution.

We’ve got you covered

Our Team has the expertise in the wide variety of multimedia.


Our cameras will love you! Let’s talk about how our videos can show your organization in its best light.


In the studio or in the field our photographers have seen it all. How do you want to frame your story?


Sometimes the best stories are told using your CAD model. Our animation team will texture, light and move your model.

Motion Design

Static text — pshh — we breathe life into any of your text driven stories.

Creative and Strategic Partners for Growing Your Business

Meet True North Stage

Located in Kenosha, Wisconsin - The True North Stage is a unique studio offering more than 3,000 sq ft to make the production of photo, video and audio convenient easy. With a large overhead door for easy load-in/out and a fully-lit 25-ft x 25-ft cyc wall (or cyclorama), our industrial space is known for supporting large-scale products and equipment. And it doesn’t end there. As an agency who loves creating content, we have all the bells and whistles available to help you – that even includes an extra hand or two, if needed.

Meet True North Stage


Video Wall

Increased Exposure

Video Wall

Floor-mounted or raised, this 11’ 8” wide by 6’ 4” tall wall is an impactful and diverse asset. Great for use in photo and video shoots, and in the cyc-wall space or other areas within the studio.


Voiceover Booth

Build Relationships

Voiceover Booth

Record a voiceover, audio track or use it as a podcast set to output clear, high-quality sound.


Table Top

Track Success

Table Top

Essential for simple and clean shoots — its purpose is to capture a product’s intricacies and detail. This space includes lighting and an option to choose from any color paper and lighting to create the right aesthetic.


Virtual Set

Outperform Competitors

Virtual Set

Extend your reality by using our in house ability to build out any unreal engine virtual setting.

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