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Marketing Strategy

We’ve spent as much time in the field as we have the board room. We won’t impress you with worn-out marketing buzzwords. What we offer is hard-won knowledge of industries where capital investment is made with careful consideration and intelligence to achieve business goals. We can help you with that.

Public Relations

PR is a discipline of trust, and our PR team has been building relationships and networks with B2B media for decades now. We last because journalists trust us, we know the beat, and we score results for our clients. 


A picture is worth a thousand words, but the ability to craft, edit and direct images is priceless in terms of influencing hearts and minds, creating fans and followers, and taking brands to new heights. Our team does that. 

Full-Service Creative

Our creative directors treat their work as art – and recognize the urgency with which ideas must become actionable and effective across all creative platforms. Whether in print or in the digital world, we specialize in creative execution that cuts out the fluff and gets to the heart of the matter to drive your business. 

Media Strategy

It’s more than making impressions. At PKA, we have decades of digital and traditional media buying experience that go beyond awareness and engagement to understanding buying cycles, motivations and trusted resources.

Studio/Location Photography

Whether 500 acres deep into a field at harvest or cozied up at our in-house photo studio with your new product, we’ve shot everything from magazine covers to catalogs and trade show displays. Our photography is both art and science — all for the sake of growing your business.


Ok. We lied. Here’s one of those buzz words. But the reality is our team was crafting content long before it was a hip and trendy marketing movement. Others may offer it. We were born to it.  

Aerial Photo/Video

Two FAA-certified drone pilots on staff. Two more in training. We can take to the skies for all your aerial photos and video needs. Safely. And legally. 

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